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Okay my friend, using RPGMaker, made a silly for-fun RPG and she let me try the trial/test/demo version of what she had so far and… Well… This was the end result of that experience.

The characters in the picture are Satomi(The girl) and Nyctalus(The guy). Satomi, in RPGMaker, was placed in random walls for testing reasons and my friend forgot to remove her so I kept. Finding “Wall Satomis” everywhere and. It evolved into this conversation with our other friends that Satomi was a “Demon Wall” and Nyctalus fails to kill her and. She also drops “Satomi bricks” which are basically Demon Bricks from FFXIV but with her face on them.

So I doodled “Demon Wall Satomi” and Nyctalus being charmed by her cuteness and being unable to destroy her. And then the Satomi Brick. I can’t.

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